aHUS registry

  • The global aHUS patient registry (US National Institutes of Health ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT01522183) was initiated in April 2012 to prospectively capture postmarketing effectiveness and safety data on patients with aHUS; the registry will record information on the progression of disease in all aHUS patients.
  • The Registry fulfills postmarketing regulatory requirements by providing follow up on patients with aHUS.
  • Successful registry implementation is contingent on contributions from both academia and Alexion.
  • Academia provides access to global, longitudinal data and increased scientific knowledge to better manage Patients.
  • Alexion fosters relationships with academic partners, building credibility and scientific integrity, while also providing transparency and clear guidelines for publication.
  • A single, global aHUS patient registry can maximize both physician and patient participation to best capture information on disease, safety, and efficacy data in a population with a very rare disease.

The aHUS Registry is currently being implemented in the following countries:

Australia Denmark Italy Spain United Arab Emirates
Austria Finland Norway Sweden United Kingdom
Belgium France Poland Switzerland United States
Canada Germany Russia Taiwan
Czech Republic Israel South Korea Turkey

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